Women In IT

Why You Should Become One!

8:30 am - 3:30 pm, January 29, 2016

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The Mitchell C. Hill Center for Applied Business Information Technology

What's All About Event

In Search of the Shortage and Disparity

According to U.S. Department of Labor, while 57% of the professional occupations were held by women in the 2014 U.S. workforce, only 26% of the professional computing and 6% of corporate Chief Information Officer (CIO) were held by women. This disparity is also presented at the college level. In 2013, although 57% of undergraduate degree recipients were female, only 18% of the Computer and Information Sciences bachelor’s degree recipients were female. Even more alarmingly, early this year the L.A. Times reported some stories about women are leaving the tech industry in droves.

Evidently there is a shortage of women involvement in the computing fields. Recently, the Fortune magazine again is questioning why women are missing out on tech's fastest-growing field and the Forbes magazine is also raising the doubt why the tech field has not been kind to women.

The Mattel’s 2010 book, “Barbie: I Can Be a Computer Engineer,” has been highly criticized for its implied notation that women produce stories and design, while men do the technical work. Is that true that the computing talents belong to the men? If not, what are the factors that lead to such a disparity? Is it culture, collective IQ, corporate investment, curriculum design, or others?

This one-day event is set to share and discuss issues related to women's involvement in IT, from the perspective of the industry, the research, and the student.

You will hear testimonies from the industry about not only the benefits of being a woman in IT but also the reasons why you should become one and how you will exceed in the field. You will be presented with facts and findings from research about the ecology of women in IT. A forum will be created as well for students to share their views towards their academic life and experiences with them majoring in IT. Finally, the event will offer you an amazing opportunity to expand your professional knowledge and networks.

For Women in IT

If you are a female in particular, you will learn the following from the event:

  • What are some resources available for women in IT?
  • What would your our first steps to get involved in the industry?
  • What to expect as you enter the industry?
  • What are the tips on moving ahead in the industry?
  • How do you make yourself stand out in a “men’s” world?

For Men in IT

Come and learn about the industry you are interested in and also about the competition in the workforce in this industry. You will get information on prospective employers and what they are looking for when hiring and also important and relevant tips that will help you better yourself in the field. Let's make this field, a one where diversity stands out.

One Day Event



Our Speakers

Dr. Larisa Preiser-Houry

Dr. Larisa Preiser-Houry

Assistant Professor and Author, CIS

Dr. Larisa Preiser-Houy is an Interim Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Programs at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (CPP). She had served on the faculty of the Computer Information Systems department for over 20 years and as the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs and Student Affairs at the College of Business Administration. Dr. Preiser-Houy taught in the areas of systems analysis and design, database development, and IT strategy. She published numerous papers and presented at conference on the topics ranging from learning and pedagogical research to discipline-based research on technology implementation and use. Dr. Preiser-Houy also worked in the IT industry as a software developer, project manager, and technology integration consultant. She is a Certified Data Processing (CDP) professional who received her doctorate and Master of Science degrees in management information systems and an MBA in strategic management from the Claremont Graduate University.

Dr. Ruth Guthrie

Dr. Ruth Guthrie

Professor and Author, CIS

Ruth Guthrie is a Professor of Computer Information Systems at California Polytechnic University, Pomona. She has experience in software test and program management of large scale software programs in the aerospace industry. Her interests are educational technology, user interface design, emerging technologies and technology and gender. She has authored several papers in a variety of areas including two books on Web development. Currently, she is working on an NSF grant to promote institutional change at Cal Poly for women in the sciences. She has also published an eBook, Profiles of in Information Technology, available on Kindle and GoogleBooks.

Dr. Sonya Zhang

Dr. Sonya Zhang

Assistant Professor and Author, CIS

Dr. Sonya Zhang is a Professor of Computer Information Systems at the College of Business Administration, Cal Poly Pomona. She received her PhD in Information Systems and Technology from Claremont Graduate University. Sonya’s research interests are User Experience, Web and Mobile Development, Digital Analytics, and Internet Entrepreneurship. She co-authored The Smarter Startup: A Better Approach to Online Business for Entrepreneurs (Pearson 2013).
Prior to joining academia, Sonya was a software engineer in health informatics and higher education for seven years, worked on ERP, Business Intelligence, CMS, eLearning and eHealth products/projects. With her diverse academic background and industry experience, she develops unique insights and expertise in bridging the gap between business and technology."

John Lee

John Lee

Senior Director, Avanade

John Lee currently serves as a Senior Director for Avanade. Microsoft. Lee presently leads Avanade’s Application Development and Collaboration practice groups for the Southwest. His key responsibilities include delivery quality, solution architecture, workforce management and recruiting. Previously, Lee has worked at several start-ups in Southern California and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory as a Software Engineer for the Deep Space Missions Systems. Lee also holds many programming certifications for Java and Microsoft technologies. Lee has a juris doctor degree (JD) from the University of Pennsylvania and a bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Pennsylvania. Lee also earned a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Cal State – Los Angeles where he was awarded Computer Science Student of the Year in 2003.

Tamara White

Tamara White

Group Manager, Data & Analytics, Avanade

Tamara White is a group manager and data analytics architecture expert specializing in database design and data analytics at Avanade. She specializes in developing state-of-the art designs, prototyping new technologies and evaluating new business methods to help her and her clients expand into uncharted territories. Tamara launched her own TLW Consultants consulting company more than 20 years ago.
White holds dual B.S. in Quantitative Management Systems and MIS with minors in Computer Science and Mathematics, from the University of Las Vegas. She was a finalist in the collaboration and decision-support category at the 1997 Windows® World Open software development competition, an annual event showcasing the diverse talents of developers across the globe using the Windows operating system platform.

Chetana Ballman

Chetana Ballman

Manager, Digital Customer, Avanade

Chetana Ballman joined Avanade in 2015 as a Delivery manager and is part of the digital team. Her experience is focused in areas of strategy, user experience, program management, process development, e-commerce, web/mobile, social media integration, digital media, RIA and Agile methodologies like Scrum and Extreme Programming. Her experience, drive and abilities are complemented by a MS in Management Information Systems and a MBA in Information Systems and Marketing. In her spare time, Chetana enjoys reading books, doodling and building with her daughter and DIY projects.

Anna Carlin

Anna Carlin

Professor, CIS

Anna is a faculty member at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (Cal Poly Pomona). She teaches Information Systems Auditing, Computer Forensics, Internet Security, and Management Information Systems in the College of Business Administration, Computer Information Systems Department. She is in charge of the CIS student internships and recruiting efforts at Cal Poly Pomona. Anna also manages internships for Cyber Watch West and Scholarship for Service (SFS). She has over 15 years of experience in IT audit, software development, and operations management. Anna is currently serving as Director and Academic Relations Chair for the Los Angeles chapter of ISACA.

Keriann McSweeney

Membership Co-Chair, WITI

Keriann McSweeney, Senior Director of Recruiting - Information Management Practice, joined RGP as a consultant in 2005. She transitioned to her current roll in October of 2013. Keriann is an 18-year IM professional with a Big 4 background, including Oracle Corporation and Cap Gemini, and extensive experience managing global financial system implementations and upgrades. She is highly experienced with instituting worldwide production support models and managing production systems. Keriann has an exceptional mix of business, technical, functional, project and program management expertise and experience.

Meredith Jacobson

LA Network Director, WITI

Meredith Jacobson is the National Accounts Director for Login Consulting Services Inc. a Recruiting/Staffing firm specializing in IT, Finance and Engineering positions in LA and across the country. Meredith has been involved professionally with sales and recruiting for the past 13 years. She has developed client relationships with businesses large and small, placing hundreds of employees and temporary personnel over the years.


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