Microsoft Azure Web Application Development

A cloud environment is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure meant to give users access to programs and computing power not physically available on their own computing machines. Cloud computing is basically utilizing data centers, remote servers, and software networks for your own use through a web browser.

Azure Cloud is Microsoft’s cloud environment service, released in 2010. Since Cal Poly Pomona already has a relationship with Microsoft and their distribution of products across students, it only makes sense to examine the possibilities that Azure and Visual Studio can offer in the cloud for computer programming and mobility.

This project recommends that the CIS-451 e-commerce class currently being offered at Cal Poly Pomona be offered as a virtual class using new cloud services. This new curriculum plan will solve many problems and provide students with a streamlined flow of tools to complete all projects and work in the cloud. Therefore this plan will aid to eliminate issues of installing software on personal computers as well as hosting the class on Cal Poly Pomona’s servers. This will be the very first of a series of classes which will serve as a model for class curriculums using cloud services at Cal Poly Pomona. This new curriculum will also speed up the learning process for students and allow them to work anywhere at any time, and integrate class assignments with instructors by using cloud software services.