The Student-Run Data Center

The industry-wide emphasis on cloud computing has created a new focus in Information Systems (IS) education. As the demand for graduates with adequate knowledge and skills in cloud computing is on the rise, IS educators are facing a challenge to integrate cloud technology into their curricula. Although public cloud tools and services are available for many students today, education institutes can build a private, educational cloud to facilitate more practical, interactive and hands-on learning. This project is set to build a student-run data center through an industry partnership between Cal Poly Pomona and leading cloud technology firms such as Microsoft, Avanade, Chef, and Juniper. The data center will create a private cloud to engage faculty and students in a highly accessible, experimental cloud environment, where through real-world experience faculty can teach and students can learn the design, configuration, deployment, management, and use of cloud solutions. This polytechnic approach in cloud curriculum integration will also allow the IS department to be simulated as a modern enterprise with a goal to virtualize its IT provisioning, where students can gain a broader, more enterprise-centric view of modern computing.